Fencing’s guide to managing noise pollution is out

Jacksons Fencing has issued its latest guide, Managing Noise Pollution, for landscape architects, urban planners, exterior designers and others involved in the specification of external physical perimeters.

A recent study found that those who live in noisy cities are more likely to suffer hearing loss. The main reason for this was excessive noise from traffic, construction, industry and people going about their daily lives. Noise pollution has a huge effect on populations causing people stress, fatigue and poor sleep quality. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, it costs us $750billion globally when medical bills, lost earnings and other hearing loss related problems are accounted for.

Cris Francis, Head of Commercial Sales at Jacksons Fencing, commented:

“Noise pollution is now a big concern in our cities as we build more major roads, rail and other transport networks closer to where we live and work. Such a concentration of construction activity, vehicles and people brings with it noise that in many cases is unwanted and avoidable.

“Our new guide highlights the impact of sound and aims to provide advice on how timber acoustic barriers can reduce unwanted noise and improve our surroundings with natural façades that are sustainable and cost-effective.”

The UK had over 65million inhabitants at the start of 2016, with a density of 263 people per square kilometre. As our cities expand exponentially – the population is projected to reach 77million in 2050, even more demands are being put on housing and critical infrastructure like roads and rail. The continued growth means that we are now seeing developments including residential, commercial, leisure and other properties being built very close to each other. When intersected with the aforementioned new transport links, it equates to more exposure to excessive noise for a large number of the populace.

Jacksons Fencing has developed a range of acoustic fencing barriers with the modern urban landscape in mind. Working with independent sound engineers, their team of technical and engineering experts can assist those involved in the design and construction of external spaces by providing tailored advice, guidance and expertise every step of the way, from design support to manufacturing and installation.

Jacksons Fencing designs and manufactures the highest quality acoustic timber fencing solutions in the UK, with some products achieving noise reductions of 28dB and 32dB in certified laboratory tests. The acoustic range is covered by a 25 year guarantee, as it is Jakcure® pressure treated to provide lasting protection against wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot, above and below ground.

Visit www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk for more information about Jacksons’ full range of timber acoustic barriers