FAKRO roof windows and solar panels for architect’s self-build

FAKRO FTT U6 triple-glazed roof windows with a U-value of 0.81W/m2K have been used in combination with FAKRO in-roof solar thermal panels of the same size in architect Rob Delius’s self-build in Bath.

A row of 6 FAKRO FTT U6 roof windows and 6 FAKRO solar thermal panels have been installed on the south aspect of the building using B12/1 horizontal combination flashing. The Head of Sustainable Design at Architects Stride Treglown developed a bungalow in the central Bath Conservation Area and World Heritage site in a design which had to take account of understandable planning constraints. Airtightness was a key feature of the build and the FAKRO FTT U6 provide an installed U-value of 0.81W/m2K, well within Passivhaus requirements.

An integrated approach was taken to the roof’s design including PV tiles and slates, a rainwater harvesting system, green roof area, sheeps’ wool roof insulation and passive stack ventilation. Other features included MHVR, retractable solar shading canopy, thermal mass from masonry construction, airtight construction and wood burner.

As Head of Sustainable Design at Stride Treglown Architects, Robert Delius designed his self-build to Passivhaus principles, to be virtually carbon neutral. The house is within the central Bath conservation area and World Heritage site so faced understandable building constraints. Planners were, however, supportive of an approach to create a contemporary, sustainable home in which FAKRO triple-glazed FTT U6 roof windows were used in combination with in-roof FAKRO solar thermal panels of the same size. B12/1 horizontal combination flashings.

Ref: 94817