Enveloping with light

This stunning space was designed by LSI architects as part of their work at INTO University of East Anglia. It is a dramatic example of how the unique Kalwall diffuses daylight through walls or roofs to create the ideal ambience for study, learning and leisure in colleges and schools.

Even on cloudy days, the calm and attractive interior is flooded with Museum-Quality Daylighting™, eliminating the stark contrasts of glare and shadow and without the need for blinds. This means that the consumption of artificial lighting is reduced and, because the system is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced. U values as low as 0.28W/m2K, equivalent to a solid wall or roof, can be achieved by including translucent aerogel insulation within the panels.

Kalwall is the most highly insulating diffuse light transmitting system available and is widely specified for enveloping every type of building. It comprises a translucent structural composite sandwich panel permanently bonded to a grid core constructed of interlocked thermally-broken aluminium I-beams.

Kalwall roof systems can be bespoke or are available in self-supporting barrel and low profile vaults and self-supporting ridge roofs. The lightness of the panels mean installation is less costly and far less cumbersome than glass. The panels have inherent rigidity and impact resistance, are largely self-cleaning and because, dirt is less obvious that on glass, frequency of maintenance is reduced. Furthermore, when Kalwall is used as a roof panel system, it is classified as non-fragile and meets the requirements of imposed roof loads as stated in BS EN1991-1.

Structura UK is the exclusive distributor for Kalwall translucent daylight building systems for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Case studies and technical information are available from Structura UK Ltd from Tel: 01233 501 504 or visit www.structura-uk.com/kalwall.