Educating custom installers in Dubai

CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is committed to growing and improving the knowledge and skills within the residential custom installation industry globally, through the provision of technical and business training on a local level. The association is pleased to announce two education opportunities for the Middle East custom installation market – the first of their kind in the region. The events will take place between 15thand 17thDecember in Dubai at GR Media Solutions and will be led by leading industry experts.

Installers are invited to attend a two-day course in Dubai on 15th and 16th December called ‘The Gateway Certification Package’. This training opportunity will give professionals the chance to gain the CEDIA Certification which is recognised across the globe. Delegates will receive a comprehensive introduction to the custom installation industry including businesses practices and technical topics. It is an ideal learning opportunity for those thinking about starting a business or who have just joined the industry, as well as professionals who are keen to develop their knowledge and consolidate a foundation-level understanding of the custom installation market, before progressing on to more advanced certifications. The session also serves to equip sales and marketing personnel with a basic technical understanding in order to produce effective written proposals.

The course will commence with an introduction to project management, client servicing, profit management, and recurring revenue. It will then cover the technical basics of audio and video, networking and control systems. Attendees can expect to leave with a solid understanding of the market and how it operates.

Industry professionals can book their place on the Gateway Certification Package course.

Following this two-day course, CEDIA is running a Home Cinema Design Workshop in Dubai (venue TBC) on 17thDecember. Attendees will learn the importance of designing home cinemas based on solid engineering standards and principles, rather than falling into the trap of subjective guesswork.

The technical design of a high performance home cinema should never be a subjective decision. For every aspect of the design, there is a standard that should be observed in order to offer a truly immersive, premium quality entertainment experience. This course will examine those standards and help delegates understand the importance of adhering to them, not least in order to maintain and boost the good reputation of the industry in general.

The morning will be classroom-based where the instructor will introduce the standards and the engineering skills necessary to apply them. The afternoon will be spent working in small groups applying the knowledge gained in the morning. During the afternoon workshop, a number of additional subject matter experts will be on hand to spend time with individual groups and help with the design.

By the end of this course, delegates will understand how applying engineering standards to cinema design ensures a high standard of performance.