Dural Cross Joints – A new and innovative solution for connecting crossing movement joints

Subfloor movement is a significant consideration in any tiled floor installation.

In almost all build projects the surface layer of tiled flooring will expand and contract at different rates to that of the subfloor beneath it.

Because of this it is essential for flooring installations to have some sort of movement protection which comes in the form of movement joints.

Incorporating movement joints into tiled flooring installations means any heavy stresses and vertical movement will be effectively absorbed, protecting the surface tiles.  However, a common problem that arises is where the expansion joints need to cross over each other. These junctions are technically demanding to install and produce, time consuming and expensive for installers.

As a result, Dural has recently introduced a new and faster way of creating these junctions, compared to traditional methods, in the form of their new Cross Joints. These pre-formed junctions provide an effective connection between crossing expansion joints.

Benefits of Dural’s Cross Joints for tiled flooring installations
Dural’s Cross Joints will ensure tiled flooring installations conform to BS5385, and are a new and unique solution for creating a four-way junction. The joints allow movement accommodation in all directions simultaneously and absorbs the stresses created by vertical movement from expansion and contraction across the four surface areas at the junction. This means the stresses are not transferred into the surface tiled flooring, preventing cracks, loose tiles and ‘tenting’ or ‘popping’ of the tiles.

For further information on Dural’s Cross Joints, contact their flooring by telephone on 01924 360 110, email info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)dural.co.uk or refer to their website www.colouredmovementjoints.co.uk