Does size matter?

Creating more space in the home is high on the agenda as many of today’s homes smaller than they were nearly 100 years ago. Research by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) found the average home has decreased in size from 1,647 square feet, with four bedrooms in the 1920’s, to today’s equivalent which has 925 square feet and three bedrooms. With rising energy costs, is a smaller space to live in actually better?

Andrew Royle at P C Henderson comments:

“This is where clever design of the interior space can ensure a cosy space in the winter months and an open plan living environment during warmer times. It allows us to have the best of both worlds. Dividing the room in winter time with the use of sliding doors can help create a comfortable environment.”

P C Henderson’s solutions can help increase the interior floor space available by the use of sliding door gear systems which provide an easy access solution that is versatile and silent in use. They can be used as room dividers to create a flexible living space without compromising on an open plan design, which helps create space and allow more light into the property by removing walls and opening up rooms.

Andrew Royle adds:

“Room dividers can also allow occupants to close off space for small dinner parties or open up the two rooms for larger celebrations. Sliding door solutions can help create the desired effect.”

Sliding door gear systems can also be used for wardrobe and entrance doors allowing even the ‘box room’ in the house to accommodate storage solutions without compromising functionality.

The sliding and folding door hardware systems are perfect for saving space, maximizing door opening widths, adjusting room sizes and increasing safety by removing an intrusive swing door.