Delta embraces BIM

Among the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) are knowledge sharing, improved project management, faster and more economical creation of a project, and a reduction in environmental impact.

All of these goals are shared by Delta Membrane Systems, which is why the company has arranged for all of its product range to be BIM-compatible. This is now available on the company’s website –

The National BIM (Building Information Modelling) Library, developed and managed by NBS for the UK construction industry, is a free of charge online resource enabling construction professionals to locate and download generic and proprietary BIM objects.

This service hosts Delta’s range of systems and products for basement walls, floors and green roofs, with many more to come.

As an example, four options are included for the Delta-Floraxx range developed for green roofs. The BIM details include Delta-Floraxx Top in inverted and warm roofs with extensive/intensive herbaceous covers, and Delta-Floraxx in drivable and walkable inverted roofs.

An extensive collection of damp proofing membranes for use in basement refurbishment is also featured, along with a variety of sumps for removing water from the basement.

Delta Membranes prides itself on providing the material, design advice, and backup service for a variety of projects. The introduction of BIM downloads from the company’s website further endorses this commitment.