Customised design ‘off the shelf’ with aesthetic, practical solutions

Modern bathrooms, showers and even en-suites consist of much more than just a shower tray, bathtub and sanitary ware. In bathroom planning, there is an ever increasing demand for customised design without a compromise on floor space.

Most people dream of having a vast, spacious bathroom and while there is always room on the drawing board in new build projects, space is a common dilemma in refurbishment projects.

To make a bathroom live up to its full potential, the wedi system offers endless possibilities in designing a bathroom with aesthetic, practical and functional elements. Thanks to their modular design, wedi elements can be combined in countless variations resulting in a customised design without the need for bespoke production.

A walk-in shower is a hygienic, easy-maintenance and stylish solution that provides easy access for the whole family and gives the illusion of greater space. A vast range of wedi Fundo shower trays, whether it be a complete solution including integrated drainage or a classic solution where appropriate drainage may be chosen by the client, are available with either point or linear drainage. Special, designer showers – quadrant, round or shell shaped with matching walls – can also be found in the standard product range.

Floor-level showers are most often created with the use of a simple partition. On top of the already existing customised approach (50-100mm wedi building boards) wedi now offers a practical 2in1 solution – robust Sanwell Wall elements in XL and XXL formats with integrated storage are ideal for use as free-standing walls. These wall elements are not only waterproof to the core but are also fully customisable: both their height and width are easy to adjust to required dimensions and the size of the integrated niche can also be modified to suit.

People who swap their baths for a shower often miss the relaxation it offers. Whether it be a standing/floating bench or a compact corner seat, the wedi Sanoasa seating range does not only provide a comfortable and relaxing showering experience but also creates an inviting atmosphere of wellbeing. Furthermore, thanks to the clever construction of these elements they can be individually customised on site.

It is an understatement, that in tight bathrooms, balancing a need for storage with a desire for space is rather difficult. Pre-fabricated elements within the Mensolo L & U and Sanwell Niche ranges provide robust, tailor-made storage solutions in the bath or shower while maximising the floor space.

Having a bath usually comes with compromise on floor space thus on storage. A visually pleasing bath cladding with integrated storage can provide an elegant, clever solution and with the aid of wedi building boards any design is easy and straightforward to build.

The wedi building board is the perfect medium to create custom designed bathroom furniture. Floating furniture such as a floating washstand or vanity unit does not only provide a good size storage but also make the space appear more open.

The easiest ways to give a room a spacious look however, is the perfect balance of white and textured surfaces. With the use of wedi’s most recent innovation the bathroom becomes a statement of quality and cleanliness. The Top series – as a perfect alternative to traditional tiling – does not only offer a contemporary shower/bathroom area in which no grout lines break the design but further enhance the insulation properties of wedi’s eco-friendly, A+ labelled elements. Thanks to the perfect blend of high-quality components these surfaces are non-slip, antibacterial and warm to the touch so clients can truly appreciate the feel of the bathroom.

wedi is the perfect choice when looking for a versatile medium with superior quality and unrivalled system safety allowing for stylish, practical solutions that are customisable and straightforward to install.

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