Crowded Place Bollards

Frontier Pitts Protecting a Crowded Place Venue with Hostile Vehicle Mitigation PAS 68 Terra Rising and Static Bollards, Terra Blockers & Compact Terra Barriers.

Frontier Pitts PAS 68 Terra Rising and Static Bollards were the preferred choice to meet the counter terrorist (CT) objectives. They provide safety to the public, protecting this vulnerable location from the threat of HVM’s (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) and VBIED’s (vehicle borne improvised explosive device), whilst allowing the free passage by pedestrians.

Frontier Pitts Terra Rising Bollards have been successfully impact tested with a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph. Finished here in stainless steel, the bollards were installed with traffic light systems and interfaced to the existing access control system. The remainder of the aperture was secured with Static Terra Venus Bollards.

Frontier Pitts Civils Team managed the excavation of the project, including Rising and Static Terra Bollards, using heavy plant machinery.