Create the perfect gravel driveway with Gravelrings grid system

Gravel is the popular choice for driveways but it’s not without its problems. Common complaints about this driveway surface finish include how it gets everywhere, thins out or gets rutted, is difficult to walk or cycle on, and virtually impossible to push a pushchair or wheelchair across. But not if you install Beauxfort’s Gravelrings grid system.

Interlocking gravel grid tiles

A system of interlocking gravel grid tiles, Gravelrings provides a simple and effective way of creating a permeable gravel driveway that retains a long-lasting, consistent and stable surface. Created by Beauxfort, a company that develops distinctive landscape systems to enhance prestigious properties, Gravelrings gravel mats are designed to be laid onto a sub-base and overfilled with gravel, preventing the shifting and sinking of the aggregate, which causes the rutting and pitting associated with gravel.

The integral mesh base of the grid tiles prevents gravel from getting beneath them and also prevents silt build-up, making it difficult for weeds to grow. The circular cell design adds to the overall strength of the system to provide hidden stability to the surface of the driveway. All these factors contribute to keeping the gravel on the driveway and providing a strong and stable surface that is easily walked, driven and ridden over.

Gravelrings can also be installed on sloping surfaces too. If the slope has a gradient of no more than 1:5 (20 percent), Gravelrings retention grid system can be installed and has the flexibility to follow the contours of the surface.

Choosing Gravelrings

Homeowners, landscaping professionals and property developers all testify to the excellent results achieved by installing Gravelrings gravel retention grids.

Michael Alderton, property developer and director of West Sussex building company Canning-Ericsson, says:

“We are so pleased with Gravelrings. The system is quick to install and easy to cut on site. It has provided a firm base for 20t lorries to drive over without sinking or moving the 10mm gravel it retains.We will definitely be using Gravelrings again for a permeable driveway and would most definitely use it in further developments for our clients in the future.”

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings system. Check out for more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems and design inspiration, and to download the Beauxfort Distinctive Landscape Systems brochure and request a free sample. Or contact 0330 055 2599 or info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to discuss your project.