Contemporary Furniture Collection Offered by Cavallini 1920

With a plethora of dazzling contemporary furniture offered in their collection, Cavallini 1920 is aiming to redesign your homes with the sophistication and artfulness of their globally-recognized furniture designers and brands.

If you haven’t heard of Cavallini 1920 yet, you should have. They are an Italian furniture design and consultancy company closely followed by others as a gold standard of high-quality furniture. Primarily based in Varedo and Milan in Italy, their tradition of designing brilliant furniture dates back to 1892. Within 30 years of its inception, the company has gone on to receive one of the most prestigious awards for the quality of their work.

Over the year, Cavallini 1920 overcome all the designing challenges posed by the change in people’s lifestyle and aesthetics, as well as the innovations in the manufacturing process. Yet, they continued to maintain the same standard of quality. Their collection of contemporary furniture is a great testament to that.

Despite only offering collections from top-level furniture brands and designers, Cavallini 1920 still manages to offer a comprehensive set of furniture both for home and offices. For homes, the collection includes a great variety of Italian kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms; as well as outdoor furniture. There are also a few different designs to decorate the children’s bedroom. You would also have enough options to create a perfect harmony of comfort, functionality, and elegance in your office spaces. Not to mention the collection of designer accessory – doors, mosaics, wall paints and papers, and such that hold it all together, giving your home or office a different edge.

With a tradition of settling with nothing but the best, Cavallini 1920 only showcases the most prominent Italian brands in their exhibition centers. The few examples include Flexform, Poliform, Cattelan Italia, Fendi Casa, London Art, Arte, Contardi, and many others. Unique, yet versatile, each of the collection is selected in a way that they can be mixed and match to create a composition that is effortlessly your own. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their showrooms are frequented by not only the designer furniture enthusiast but also many architects and designers, looking for inspirations for their next project.

Even better is the design consultancy service offered by Cavallini 1920. With a view to helping your vision for your space to come to a reality, they collaborate with a host of different professionals such as architects, interior designers, and decorators – all of whom would be at your service if you will. Guiding you along right from the planning and conception of space to decorate it in the most aesthetically pleasing ways, these professionals are greatly beneficial to create an iconic setup. After all, this is a brand that made its name by championing the art of living and offers all the help to get the most out of your contemporary spaces. It has never been as easy before, has it?

For the best contemporary furniture design, you can request it directly to Cavallini 1920 in Milan.