Communities and Local Government: Capacity in the Home Building Industry

Founder and CEO of, Russell Quirk, commented:

“It is commendable that the Government will look to eradicate the back-handed practices that have become prevalent amongst greedy developers. However, this squeeze could further deter them from building in the first place, exacerbating the root cause of the housing crisis, which is a severe lack of properties.

“If Mr Barwell is loosening his views on chastising developers for holding too much land, it could be as an incentive to build. We do need to provide an incentive to build more, but in a way that protects the average UK buyer at the same time. It would make far more sense to offer this bone to developers in the form of a tax incentive, so that building is a more attractive proposition, but those at ground level are not involved or taken advantage of by ill practice.

“Developers aside the Government need to subdue their feelings of anxiety around building on the green belt. How on earth do they think they will build enough houses over the next ten years, without resorting to the areas that are wrongfully classed and could be utilised?”