Colorcoat Urban® provides 25 year guarantee for residential homes

The Colorcoat Urban® standing seam roof and wall system now benefits from a complimentary Confidex® Home Guarantee for the pre-finished steel. Offered directly to the home owner, the registration process is quick and simple via the Confidex® Home web page.

Backed by years of worldwide testing of the pre-finished steel, Colorcoat Urban® delivers excellent aesthetics, performance and eco-credentials, and provides a superior sleek finish as the panels fit seamlessly together with a quick fit system.

Available in a range of colours to blend with the surrounding landscape, including colour matched gutters and fascias, everything in the Colorcoat Urban® system has been designed to create an innovative, durable, high performance result.

The Confidex® Home Guarantee is a clear demonstration of confidence in the pre-finished steel performance as it is provided free of charge for both Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®. This complimentary 25-year guarantee will be available with the standard range of colours, of which there are a variety to suit a host of applications and homeowner requests.

Amanda Hinks-Edwards, Business Manager at Colorcoat Urban® said,

“We’re proud to be able to offer our new Confidex® Home Guarantee.

“Offered directly to the home owner, the guarantee will be provided irrespective of where it is being used or where your home is situated in the UK & Ireland – be it a city or coastal property. Tata Steel will be the only point of contact for this guarantee, which means we cut out the requirement of going through the purchase route and allow customers to come straight to us for a quicker response if they have any queries.

“Furthermore this guarantee is fully transferable should the homeowner decide to sell their home, with the remaining guarantee simply transferred to the new owner.”

To find out more about the Confidex® Home Guarantee, please visit