ColladoCollins submit plans for new mixed-use residential development on former Tesco site

London architects ColladoCollins have submitted plans for a mixed-use development in Hillingdon, West London. The development site has recently been taken over from Tesco by Meyer Homes, who propose to deliver 377 new homes and transform the area near the London Underground station with a new shop, café and affordable work space.

Despite a prominent location in Hillingdon and excellent transport links – next to Hillingdon station and the M40 – the site has been derelict after the Master Brewer hotel was demolished more than a decade ago. Meyer Homes’s project brief called for an intelligent design that responded to the sensitivities of the site, the surrounding area, and the local community, where there is a lack of affordable housing. ColladoCollins’ design complements the existing interbellum and post-war housing stock and balances the needs of the local population with current London standards for building density, housing design, accessibility, and car parking.

The central themes of the design are the street and the green corridor. A street with residences, flexible workspaces and retail units lines the edges of the site and forms a continuation of the existing high street. It is complemented by a centrally located landscape connected to the adjacent open land – thus potentially creating a small public park where residents and visitors will feel invited to move and play. One of the main goals of the design is to improve adverse environmental conditions. Buildings and landscape have been laid out to mitigate motorway noise and air pollution, thus providing amenable outdoor spaces accessible to all.

Roy Collado, Partner at ColladoCollins said:

“In our approach to this design, we have looked through the eyes of those who will be living here, and have created high quality, desirable residences that add to their location. Accessibility to the surrounding area was key, with walkways and links from the homes to the open public space creating a community hub. At a time when London is grappling with a housing crisis, we hope projects like this can set a precedent for the opportunities to develop across the city and provide a mix of suburban and urban living.”

A decision is expected in early in the New Year.