ColladoCollins secures planning for over 80 homes on the New Kent Road, Elephant and Castle

ColladoCollins has secured planning permission on an exciting mixed use scheme on the New Kent Road, in Elephant and Castle for Capital Homes.

The redevelopment of this site is the result of working closely with officers at LB Southwark and the GLA to find a solution that sits comfortably within the existing and emerging context, encompassing different scales and very varied character.

The design of the scheme comprises three buildings ranging in scale from 4 to 13 storeys, with the taller part addressing the New Kent Road and the lower parts sitting alongside smaller buildings on Munton Road and Victory Park.

The scheme provides 21,000 sq/ft of commercial space as well as 81 residential units, 35% of which are affordable and have been inclusively designed within the proposed development.

The architecture responds to the nearby historical buildings, reconnecting this new urban block with its surroundings. The lower of the two buildings facing New Kent Road, features a slightly darker brick facade, similarly to the neighbouring Driscoll House and with horizontal detailing and window proportions that are clearly referential. The taller of the buildings is created through a shift in the plan, which allows for slender expression. The brick used here is lighter, almost white, and the detailing intended to give a gentle, more vertical emphasis.

The scheme improves the site’s contribution to the local area, through the provision of new employment space, private and affordable residential dwellings, all based upon a public realm strategy that both improves the street scene as well as better connects people and places through and around the site.

The scheme is due to start on site in February 2019.

Roy Collado, Partner, ColladoCollins says

“A close working relationship with Capital Homes and the London Borough of Southwark has resulted in a successful design solution that has worked for all parties, we have designed a building that we believe is all the better for this process.”

Miles Leslie, Managing Director, Capital Homes says

“As a developer, we are keen to ensure that any of our schemes contribute positively to the local area, and the proposals designed by ColladoCollins do exactly that. Not only does the scheme provide a significant level of much needed affordable housing for the area, but the design of the building was described as exemplar by officers, and received unanimous support from members. Well done to all involved in this exciting project.”