CEDIA issues nine ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) cards in first month

Since gaining recognition for Home Technology Integrators with the JIB (Joint Industry Board) last month, CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) has issued nine ECS Related Discipline cards, helping residential custom installers gain access to construction sites and prove identification, competence and qualification levels.

Custom installers require access to construction sites on a regular basis but can be prevented from entering the site if they do not hold valid identification documents. The ECS card is a simple and effective way to overcome this problem as is the recognised ID and competence card scheme for anyone working in the electrotechnical field in the UK. As an ECS Health and Safety assessment centre, CEDIA can now help home technology integrators to qualify for the ECS card. Following the announcement in April, CEDIA has already issued nine ECS cards to the CI industry, both members and non-members. .

Matt Nimmons, CEDIA Region 1 Operations Director said:

“Gaining recognition from the JIB was a big step forward for the residential custom install industry,”

“It will help ensure that the wider construction industry understands the custom installation sector better. We have had great industry support since the announcement last month and are delighted to have already issued nine ECS cards. We hope to see this momentum continue to build as we strive for CEDIA home technology professionals to be mandated on all project tenders.”

To be entitled to the new ECS Home Technology Integrator card, custom installers need to have a valid ECS health and safety assessment and a valid CEDIA EST2 certification. The card will be issued to applicants who have successfully completed the CEDIA EST2 training course and the ECS Health and Safety Assessment. Richard Jarvis from The Digital Wizard recently completed these requirements and was one of the first to receive the new ECS card.

Richard commented:

“One of the issues I face as a home technology installer is that there is no great public understanding of our industry and the work that we do. CEDIA is keenly aware of this issue and is working hard to improve our industry’s standards and public profile. The ECS card for Home Technology Integrators represents a great step forward in the formalisation of the custom installation industry and demonstrates the practical work being done by CEDIA to this end.”