Build right for smart home technology

Over the last couple of years, home technology has been referred to in a number of ways: smart home, home automation, custom installation and the integrated home.

To give a simple definition, it is the integration of technology in the home. This includes a wide range of features, such as entertainment systems, multi-room audio, lighting control, smart security, heating systems, blind control and so on. The majority of people now use some sort of technology in their life, for lifestyle and / or work. Thanks to iPhones, iPads and other devices, we as a society have never been more in tune with technology. Home technology provides a multitude of benefits to us.

The benefit of integrated home technology is that all integrated technology can be controlled from one interface, either on control panels situated throughout the home or via mobile devices, proving the simplicity and ease of managing home technology.

From finger-tip electronic control over any aspect of your home, to pre-programmed settings that turn on your lights and unlock your doors when your car pulls in the drive, home technology is the future of 21st century homes. Capable of assisting us with everyday duties to bespoke requests, home technology is becoming the norm for homeowners up and down the country, with more and more new house buyers expecting their property to be technology ready.

Today’s integrated home allows you to control, conceal and operate electronic systems within your home as never before – this is the world of CEDIA (, the leading global authority for home technology professionals, who can make this a reality.

Infrastructure is king:
CEDIA® has recently sponsored and contributed to the latest Publicly Available Specification (PAS) by the British Standards Institution (BSI) titled, ‘Design and Installation of Telecommunications and Broadcast Infrastructure within the Home’. A credible and useful tool for developers, the PAS includes all the latest technical standards and regulations required when designing and installing a smart home wiring infrastructure. The new document will be published and available to access from 31st March 2017.

As market leaders in the home technology industry, CEDIA has been working with the BSI to create a document that outlines the recommendations for designing and installing a domestic wiring infrastructure for both single residential dwellings and most homes with multiple occupations. Based on the requirements outlined in BS EN 50173 and BS EN 50174, ‘Design and Installation of Telecommunications and Broadcast Infrastructure within the Home’ provides the latest technical guidance and recommendations for integrators working on new build properties to meet the changing and increasing requirements of designing and installing a domestic wiring infrastructure that supports a connected, integrated home.

 How CEDIA Can Help:
Although this code of practice outline the fundamentals of the required infrastructure for an integrated home, CEDIA members are fully equipped to design and deliver more bespoke systems, dependant on the needs of a developer. All CEDIA professionals are trained in the latest technologies, design, project management, and installation techniques. Working with a CEDIA member is the best assurance house builders have that the final system will meet their expectations, without any unexpected set-backs.

Build a relationship with a home technology professional:
To ensure the best service from design to installation, it’s important to build a relationship with a home technology professional from the get-go. CEDIA members are the best informed and trained in the latest technologies, design, project management and installation techniques. CEDIA members understand that technology in the home is becoming more and more valuable, and will specify a system and infrastructure that most suits your development.

CEDIA Finder Service:
CEDIA offers a Finder Service on its website –, which allows clients to locate their nearest home technology professional. Users can search CEDIA member companies by postcode, services, and certification. This will provide you with enough information to start the conversation. You can find your CEDIA member via

CEDIA members offer:

  • Professional assistance and guidance in the design of a system best suited to the development
  • A certified and trained staff of technicians, designers and support personnel to deliver a product of the highest quality
  • The most current technology at all levels to provide a broad selection for your requirements and wishes
  • A professional level of credentials and insurance to assure and provide a comfort level
  • Complete support from the on-going service perspective
  • Information on the latest technology and how to use it, as it becomes available