Brits admit to garden envy

A third of Brits have confessed to believing the grass is greener on the other side and are jealous of green-fingered neighbours.

That’s according to a new poll by online garden centre who quizzed homeowners on the things that turned them green with envy about next doors’ outside space.

An immaculate lawn was the one thing those questioned wanted and didn’t seem to have, with 71% agreeing they’d love a moss and weed free lawn like their neighbours’.

Just under two thirds, 64% were envious of the top of the range garden furniture they’d spotted in next doors’ garden, with 61% coveting the well-kept patio or deck area they were sitting on.

Colourful, well-maintained flower-beds were all it took to turn 53% green with envy, with 48% wishing they had their neighbours’ luscious hanging baskets.

The size of the garden was enough to make 34% of people jealous of their friends next door with 33% admitting they’d love their neighbours’ perfectly trimmed hedges without a branch out of place.

Just under a third, 29%, said they wished their garden had the sun all day, with 18% agreeing that they’d love their neighbours’ well kept vegetable patch.

Just eight per cent were envious of their neighbours’ water feature or pond.

One respondent said:

“I’d give anything to have next door’s lawn. It’s always immaculate – no weeds, no moss and no muddy patches. The edges are always trimmed perfectly and there really is no blade of grass out of place. That said, they don’t have two kids running around on their lawn like I do which probably explains why it’s so lovely and mine is a muddy mess.”

A second commented:

“I love my garden and enjoy working in it, but when I see next door relaxing on their perfectly maintained deck on their brand new garden furniture, with the barbecue sending delicious aroma’s over the fence, I do get a little jealous.”

Another added:

“I don’t envy anything about my neighbours’ gardens. I design our garden for us all to enjoy – that’s what’s important to me. I have to admit, I’d love it if my neighbours’ were jealous of the space I’ve created.”

A spokesman for said:

“Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side and I’m pretty sure there are times when most of us have coveted something in next door’s outside space.

“However, each garden is different. Gardeners have to bear in mind the needs of their family and that will influence how the garden is designed and used.

“If you have young kids you need somewhere safe for them to play, if you want to be self sufficient then you need a good plot to grow your own, and if you work hard and want somewhere to relax after hours, then you’ll be after a low maintenance, relaxing space.”