BRE collaborates with US energy efficiency retrofit specialist Green Generation Solutions

BRE and Green Generation Solutions (GreenGen), a US based organisation experienced in retrofitting energy efficiency in different building types, are now collaborating to bring their combined energy and built environment expertise to property owners and managers. The collaboration is timely since EU legislation will make it unlawful to rent out a business premise which has an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of less than E which takes effect in three years.

Initially, building science centre BRE will carry out independent energy audits on buildings to identify quick wins and long-term improvements that can be implemented. With a strong focus on delivering measurable commercial benefits, GreenGen will then provide cost and return data to clients based on BRE’s recommended retrofit actions and then manage the delivery of work. Solutions will include improvements to the building envelope, mechanical systems, controls and lighting. Additional areas of focus include policies, procedures and occupant behaviour.

CEO of GreenGen Brad Dockser said:

‘We have a tried and tested method for assessing and implementing energy efficiency solutions that provides real economic benefit and improved profitability to our clients and their assets. We know the built assets in the UK and Europe will be challenging because of the age profile, but we have BRE’s expertise and years of data in this field to ensure we continue to achieve positive financial results.’

Head of BRE’s Building Futures Group Simon Cross said:

‘We have a critical need in the UK to drive down operating costs and reduce risk for aging property portfolios so owners and managers of built assets can improve building performance and their energy performance certificate ratings. We look forward to working with Green Generation Solutions to improve building stock across the country and the EU.’ Green Generation Solutions UK Ltd. has established a permanent UK base in London to support this collaboration and its growing European operations.