Big Wipes 4×4 wipes, Power Spray and Power Gel – so powerful, they need a Cage!

With the new Big Wipes Cage you will never again need to search for your powerful set of Big Wipes products!

The fully adjustable wall and van bracket means you can keep Big Wipes close at hand whether you’re in a workshop or zipping around in your van.

The new Big Wipes Cage holds any Big Wipes 80s tub, the one litre (L) Big Wipes Power Spray and the 1L Big Wipes Power Gel firmly and securely. Simply push your Big Wipes product into the adjustable bracket, tighten and you’re ready to go.

It fixes easily into ply panelling or into a bespoke racking system in vans and is wall mountable for the workshop, or near the sink for the Power Gel. Made from tough high quality polycarbonate, the Cage comes with pre-drilled holes for screw fixing. Once installed, the cage allows Big Wipes 4×4, Power Spray and Power Gel to be accessed with just one hand for those very messy jobs.

Big Wipes 4×4 wipes and Power Spray contain four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners to quickly shift all modern construction sealants, adhesives, paints, coatings and grime in an instant. So when your skin, tools and surfaces need cleaning up, reach for the Big Wipes – now even easier to store and find!

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