Bespoke Valve Configurations on site as early as seven days

For any building service contractor, the key to a successful project is the efficiency of the installation – in short, time spent on planning and onsite.  Leading Integrated piping solutions manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has developed a unique service that delivers bespoke valve arrangements (modular valves solutions) for fan coils in a significantly reduced lead time from the merchant’s order.

Contractors looking for a fan coil modular valve solution (MVS) require the typical questions answering such as performance in application, reliability, and ease of installation and, whilst they are essential:  service, lead times and planning are seen as after thoughts but do have a major impact on projects if not met.

Sindar Singh, Climate Control Manager Pegler Yorkshire commented

“The real issues for contractors are providing a bespoke modular valve solution designed to specific drawings and required in a realistic time frame. The unique service we have developed in-conjunction with our technical team incorporates a process to evaluate, (take off drawings) offer guidance and quotation in rapid time and, we would also support the delivery schedule lead times. However, once an order is received from the merchant, we can actually deliver a bespoke product as early as seven working days.”

The process works by uploading drawings for take off preparation, Pegler Yorkshire’s technical team can offer direct guidance on optimisation for efficiency and the most cost effectiveness for your proposal.  Your preferred merchant receives the quote and once the order is received it will be fulfilled in line with the installation schedule.

This unique service provides a bespoke solution made up of a variety of interlinked multi-functional valves and components, manufactured from DZR brass and, includes intuitive handles, union joints to allow valve orientation to be changed onsite and an additional test point to allow signals to be measured across the coil.  The complete unit allows connection, regulation, isolation, flushing and draining for fan coils.  Impressively, it allows connection to a variety of centres with its flexible offset connector.

Furthermore, as the leader of adapted valve technology Pegler Yorkshire has continued this bespoke choice solution on the MVS unit with a range of Xpress, Tectite or both fan coil or system connections. This solution provides pressured tested units that reduces on-site assembly requirements with a simple completion of four joints (traditional methods would require a minimum of eight).

Sindar concluded:

“Consultants and contractors are already excited about the opportunities this solution presents.  For consultants; known envelope dimensions allow for greater space usage, known performance characteristic across the MVS allows for accurate pump sizing and therefore reduces any specification errors.  Whereas contractors benefit from a reduction in on site labour time and costs as only four connections are required, standard components are individually and collectively tested, it eliminates the need for a costly on-site prefabrication area and also reduces administrative duties plus delivery costs.”

“All in all, there are endless benefits to this solution and no disadvantages.  We believe this will be the future of valve selection meaning that fan coil applications will be become much more efficient and cost effective.”

For further information about the XPress range visit, call 01302 560 560 or email brochures(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)