Automist: the fire suppression solution for modern, open plan living spaces

A design-conscious and discreet option that delivers results

Searching for an active fire protection option that will safeguard escape routes and aid evacuation, while also offering design flexibility and meeting building regulations? Then look no further than Automist from Sussex-based specialists, Quenchfire.

Automist is a smart alternative to traditional sprinkler systems, because it is more cost effective, easier and quicker to install, and is suitable for open plan spaces, new builds, refurbishments or loft conversions. Extensively tested and proven to be effective by BRE Global, it is an extremely low maintenance option, requiring only annual commissioning to monitor the output pressure.

The system activates when fire temperatures are detected, using a fine water mist to lower the temperature and the accumulation of toxic gases, creating conditions that allow occupants to vacate the building safely. Its many features and benefits include:

  • Typically uses less than 10% of water compared to a sprinkler system, minimising consequential water damage to fixtures, fittings and the fabric of the building
  • Easy to retrofit – no need to lift floor boards or pull down ceilings
  • Nozzles can be mounted on a standard wall plate, which can be matched to light switches and other sockets in the home, making it unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing
  • No need to upgrade water supply or install storage tanks/booster pumps
  • No more false alarms – the system is triggered by a reliable heat alarm, which won’t be activated accidentally, even when cooking

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