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It’s almost 200 years ago when Crittall pioneered the original, iconic steel window frames. Modified over the years to meet today’s stringent regulations, hand-crafted Crittall windows, doors and screens undoubtedly add value to a home with bespoke, timeless, design for every application.

World famous for minimalist, slim profiles and sightlines, the company’s products are equally as popular today with people looking to make a statement about their property through renovation, new or self-build projects.

Innovative development using steel has led to creative multiple-use options from room dividers to shower screens adding glamour and elegance.  Cleverly dividing space and letting in light, acoustic properties make interior screens particularly suitable for partitioning kitchens, living areas, home offices and more, with glazing options to reduce noise and allow privacy.

The company prides itself on its manufacturing expertise, using handcrafted, centuries-old techniques with skills and craftsmanship that can rarely be matched. Crittall windows, doors and screens are virtually maintenance-free, finished in any colour with galvanised, factory applied powder-coating to last a lifetime. A discreet plaque stamps Crittall authenticity and approval allowing identification of genuine Crittall products.

Install only the original, genuine make

Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows, says:

“There is only one genuine Crittall brand of windows and doors, stamped as the authentic product our customers deserve.

We place considerable emphasis on communicating our key message of Crittall authenticity based on quality, craftsmanship and British heritage.

When a customer buys a window sold by reference to the Crittall name, they need assurance that it’s the genuine item made by Crittall Windows.”

A well-established network of Crittall-appointed Specialist Partners, who supply and install its products nationwide, provide a Certificate of Authenticity for every new installation. These approved partners offer a stress-free service from initial enquiry to installation and after-sales, giving free, no obligation, quotes and a warranty covering windows, doors, glass and installation. Also, free guidance is available to customers to obtain Building Control and Planning Regulations.

The network ensures Crittall’s rich heritage is maintained, providing and installing high-quality, iconic, unique products directly to customers.

Crittall products are available for interior or exterior applications in any style of building from historic, listed, contemporary or new-build.  Each window, door and screen is hand-crafted to fit any shape or size to create the look to suit customer requirements.

Unmatched by other materials, slim profile steel windows and partitions give a retro-look with a contemporary twist; ideal for an extension with a dramatic steel-framed glazed screen forming a light-filled area off the kitchen or lounge to divide your living space or a partition from bathroom to bedroom.

The inherent strength of steel offers endless possibilities for large expanses of glass to visually enhance living space and functionality with a range of opening styles for design flexibility.

Advanced glazing options allow these bespoke steel framed screens to maximise natural illumination without compromising security.  Cosy for comfort in the cooler weather, enhanced acoustic properties keep noise at bay.

Bespoke doors and fixed safety glazing in a choice of colours with hardware options offering complete design flexibility. No other steel window system offers such an extensive range of window profiles and styles.

An effective weather-stripping system with a double-glazing option up to 16.4mm, ensures excellent thermal insulation properties. Ideal for replica refurbishment, the system’s large opening casements and slim frame make them particularly popular with conservationists and planners.

Sense of space
On-trend steel sliding doors and interior screens offer open plan living with a different dimension, so you can partition areas to create contemporary ‘zones’ without impacting on light or space.

Crittall’s minimalist style windows and Innervision glazed steel screens with sliding or hinged doors are designed for modern living, providing a sense of space. Their understated beauty with clean lines, subtle detailing and excellent technical properties can transform your property.  Combining style with functionality, a distinguished-looking installation makes a wonderful talking point and add value to your property.

Merging your indoor and outdoor space can create a light-filled home, enhancing its look and feel as well as benefitting well-being.

An outside area can be dramatically fused with the inside by opening-up living space to create a seamless transition between inside and out.  Adding bright, beautifully crafted walls of glazing and slim-profiled windows can reflect the timeless style of a period house, adeptly define spaces in a townhouse, minimalist urban loft, warehouse apartment or a self-build project.

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