Armstrong CPD explains the advantages of metal ceilings

Armstrong’s RIBA-approved CPD gives an insight into the value of metal ceiling solutions.

A RIBA-approved CPD which details the benefits of specifying metal systems is now available from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

The presentation, which gives architects a one-hour CPD credit, recognises the degree to which metal systems now play a vital role in Armstrong’s already peerless portfolio.

The reasons given for specifying metal ceiling and wall systems are numerous and varied, from their aesthetics (a crisp, clean, hi-tech visual in flat, curved or sculptured forms, and linear or modular layouts) to their durability, withstanding rigorous handling, with edges that do not chip and surfaces that do not flake.

They are also easily cleaned without surface damage and humidity resistant up to 90 per cent, even to the extent they can be used externally if back-coated. A variety of coatings also make them dirt resistant (TrioGuard™) and anti-microbial (BioGuard). So they are ideal for most applications, from education and healthcare through leisure to commercial and transport.

Armstrong’s engineered metal portfolio is now so comprehensive that there is a tile to suit any building module, with a variety of perforation and colour options to give limitless configurability. The various perforations, coupled with various infill materials, unite to meet sound absorption and sound attenuation requirements.

They can also easily accommodate services such as lights, grills, sensors and sprinklers. All of these benefits are supported by fully-trained technical sales personnel and an ongoing programme of research and development.

The CPD also takes architects through the manufacturing process for tiles, planks, canopies and bespoke (curved, radial and trapezoidal) systems.

First marketed by the company in the US more than 70 years ago and in Europe more than 20 years ago, Armstrong’s metal systems have also been manufactured from a site in the UK for more than 20 years.

More information is accessible via the Armstrong Ceilings website or the manufacturer’s app which is available from both the Apple store as well as the Google Play store, or by clicking on one of the links below with your mobile device or