Anti-climb downpipe covers reduce risk of unauthorised roof access

The recent case of an NHS trust being prosecuted and fined by the HSE after a vulnerable mental health patient was left paralysed after diving off a roof, highlights the risk to both service users and service providers of unauthorised access to roofs and other high level building areas.

Good practice would ensure that access to roof area is made as difficult as possible by using anti-climb products to prevent downpipes being used as a method of reaching dangerous heights.

To address this problem, Contour Casings have introduced a comprehensive range of anti-climb downpipe covers. Precision engineered from 2mm aluminium, they can be powder coated to any colour to blend in with the building exterior or create a contrasting statement, and can be warranted for up to 25 years.

The range included chamfered and bullnose designs and sizes suit cast iron, plastic and aluminium rainwater and soil pipework. They are also available with access doors to enable rodding without having to remove the cover.

The pipework protectors can be used in isolation to cover the lowest 2.5m or 3m of the downpipe, or as a whole system, including corners, Tee and stop ends to cover all exposed pipework. They can even integrate with Contour’s anti-climb bullnose fascia system.