Africa’s Business Woman of the Year, Elsie Owusu offers advice for architects hoping to break into the region

Elsie Owusu, architect and partner at Feilden Mawson, recently crowned African Businesswoman of the Year, will share her experience of working in Ghana and Nigeria on December 10th in an exclusive talk for archiboo at Sto Werkstatt.

Africa emerged as the region architects would most like to work in, following a survey carried out by archiboo and Sto Werkstatt this autumn. Elsie’s talk will be the first in a series of archiboo breakfast events on working overseas, with talks on India and the Middle East following in 2015.

The 54 nations of the African Union speak over a thousand languages, and are home to a billion people and hold vast quantities of natural resources. But it is not one entity, which presents a number of challenges for architects hoping to find work in the region.

Elsie Owusu said:

“Whilst Ghana is one of the most stable nations in the African region, with a good record of power changing hands peacefully, Nigeria is the continent’s leading economy and most populous nation. These Anglophone countries are keen to welcome UK design talent, especially in transport, commercial, health and residential infrastructure development”

Ben Agyekum a director at AECOM, who has 20 years experience delivering projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, will join Elsie.

Together they will explain the opportunities working in these two countries present, as well as the considerable challenges including internal divisions and corruption.

This international archiboo series is sponsored by Sto Werkstatt.