Acoustic ventilation units prove a hit near airports

SIEGENIA’s AEROPAC acoustic vents have been installed well over 100,000 times across Europe and in the UK to combat noise and environmental pollution in high-traffic areas and flight paths.

So, when a sound-absorbing ventilation solution was required for noise insulation projects around major UK airports such as Heathrow and London City, SIEGENIA had just the product. Their single-unit wall-mounted ventilators had already been installed in European airport projects such as Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Budapest. They could therefore offer a tried-and-tested solution for residents in noisy areas who required the benefits of fresh air supply without the noise disruption that comes from opening the windows.

As the AEROPAC acoustic ventilator can be easily installed in around 45 minutes, it is perfectly suited to such retrofit projects. The fact that it is a decentralised system as well means that there is minimal disruption for the resident as there is no need for messy and time-consuming ducting; just a single core drill hole and a couple of fixing screws are required per unit.

In terms of the sound-insulation performance, the AEROPAC ventilation units can offer sound absorption of up to 50 dB at an air intake level of up to 180 m3/h. Moreover with an inherent noise of only 20 dB(A) at 60 m³/h, the units are suitable for use in all habitable areas including living rooms and even bedrooms. SIEGENIA now also offers a new NOx filter for the unit, which keeps out not only NO2 particles from exhaust fumes, but also pollen and fine dust, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.

The detrimental effects of noise pollution

Studies have shown that noise pollution can increase stress, impair cognitive performance in children and adversely affect people’s mental and physical health through problems such as broken sleep and even heart and digestion problems. Indeed the World Health Organisation recommends less than 30 dB(A) as an appropriate level of outdoor noise for good quality sleep and estimates that more than 30% of EU citizens are exposed to levels exceeding 55 dB(A) at night. Acoustic ventilation solutions can therefore provide more than just the traditionally recognised health benefits that come with supplying clean and allergen-free air.

With quiet home projects becoming more and more frequent, not only because of the expansion of major airports and railway networks, but also because of increased recognition of the detrimental effects noise pollution, there is a growing trend for mechanical ventilation solutions. Single-unit, acoustic vents should therefore be considered as an effective, time and cost-efficient solution.

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