Acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind presents the Stephen Lawrence 13th Annual Memorial Lecture

Daniel Libeskind delivered keynote speech on “Architecture and Memory”

Daniel Libeskind delivered the keynote speech on ”Architecture and memory” at the Stephen Lawrence 13th Annual Memorial Lecture on 17 September 2013 at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

2013 is a significant milestone for Doreen and for the Trust as it marks the 20th anniversary of Stephen’s death. The Trust aims to provide access and opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially minority ethnic and white working class young people. Each year, it holds its Stephen Lawrence Memorial Lecture, which features notable speakers including His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and RIBA Stirling Prize winner Zaha Hadid in previous years.

Having established a track record of successful delivery in architecture, awarding over 100 bursaries and having now seen its ninth beneficiary qualify as an architect, the Trust is seeking to support disadvantaged young people access other professions such as law, finance and the media.

Architect Daniel Libeskind said,

“I am honored to give the Stephen Lawrence Memorial Lecture this year. Clearly, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia and prejudices of all sorts are unacceptable in a democracy. Forging a better future means fighting against the intrusions of these evils into society. Building a city of the future does not only involve building in concrete, steel and glass – but involves building a better civic society.”

Daniel Libeskind’s projects include radical masterpieces such as The Jewish Museum in Berlin, The Imperial War Museum North in Greater Manchester and the Military History Museum in Dresden. Libeskind also faced strong competition in his successful bid to reconstruct the site of the World Trade Centre.

Symon Sentain, Chair of the Stephen Lawrence Trust, said

“We are delighted to welcome Daniel Libeskind as our keynote speaker this year. He is an inspiration to the young architects supported by the Trust’s bursary scheme. We continue our work to improve access to the professions in careers including architecture, law, banking and media. Our aim is to build hope for the future.”

Following the lecture, there was a Q&A with Libeskind followed by a reception and live entertainment.

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