A triple treat from VEKA Group

Industry-leading systems supplier VEKA Group has added three more strings to its bow, for the benefit of self-builders and homemakers. The Burnley-based PVC-U giant now offers perfectly colour-matched laminated mouldings, clip-on cills and a new, Halo large outerframe option via its network of customers.

Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains:

“Earlier this year, we partnered with Allied Profiles to create a comprehensive laminated moulding offering that perfectly complements all the colours in our Variations range. Customers can order online for direct deliveries, so there’s no need to visit a trade counter and, obviously, no longer any need to spray mouldings during fabrication.

“Secondly; knowing that construction sites can be hectic environments, with different tradespeople all trying to get their own part of the job completed, our new, two-part cill allows the ‘nose’ to be added at the end of the installation, when the likelihood of it being damaged (and then re-ordered) is drastically reduced. It works with VEKA and Halo’s chamfered and sculptured systems, plus is available in all 29 colours of the Variations collection to guarantee a flawless finish.

“Last, but not least, VEKA Group has also developed a large outerframe in order to help Halo customers achieve a perfectly professional finish on every project. The large outerframe allows more hinge-side plasterline clearance on residential doors without the addition of a 15mm frame extension and means there is no unsightly join line. It also means there are no additional stock items required as it uses the same reinforcing as in the 72mm outer. The minimum order quantity is just one pack, and all hardware used on the 72mm outerframe can also be used on the new 84mm outerframe.

As a large, and long-established company, VEKA is proud to be light footed and adaptable to changing market trends. As such, as the last few years has seen demand grow drastically in specific areas, VEKA has, in turn, stepped up to the plate by adding Anthracite Grey Smooth to its ex-stock list this summer, as well as Cream to the Vertical Slider in both VEKA and Halo systems. All of these offer a perfect palette of options, whatever the project requires.