£1 million cash package to enhance skills, business and high streets

Enfield Council has received £1,082,824 of New Homes Bonus Funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA), which will invest in apprenticeships, bring businesses together and improve town centres in Enfield Town and Ponders End.

Enfield Council has also contributed £80,000 in support of the scheme.

The grant is ring fenced for local authorities based on the number of new homes built in each area to develop the infrastructure necessary to accommodate extra homes. These include skills and training, digital and creative services, high streets, tackling carbon emissions and encouraging development.

Enfield Council will now work with local businesses and residents, matching up students on construction courses and those who may experience barriers to employment with construction firms in the borough. This forms part of the Enfield 2020 vision to support local businesses, and help residents into the workplace.

There will be physical improvements to shop fronts in Enfield Town and Ponders End high streets. The business sector boards will encourage effective networking and trouble-shooting for key business sectors, including construction, logistics and health and social care.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration & Business Development, Cllr Alan Sitkin, said:

“Enfield Council means business. This £1 million cash injection is going to be used to create jobs in key industry sectors for Enfield such as transport, food, logistics and construction, improve our high streets and set up forums where businesses can network.”

“Matched with £80,000 of our own money, we will be transforming the high streets, increasing job opportunities and enabling local businesses a place where they can network and share good ideas.”

“The future is very exciting for businesses in the borough”