Leading UK bridging loan provider introduces lowest rates ever

As bridging loan lenders across the country have started to announce some of the lowest borrowing rates that the industry has even seen, UK Property Finance Ltd have followed suite by announcing a phenomenal reduction in lending fees and interest charges.

The huge reduction in borrowing costs is part of a new game plan which is based on the continuous refinement of customer services with an exceptional increase in terms of value for money. For UK borrowers in search of competitive development finance, the latest interest rates start from just 0.46 per cent a month on all products with a LTV ratio of 50 per cent or below.

As one of the UK’s most experienced and well established brokers, UK Property Finance Ltd have always been at the forefront of competitive bridge finance solutions whilst offering complete flexibility in terms of repayment options and the property types accepted as security for a loan. While the Bank of England base rate has been at the lowest historical rate ever recorded, access to low interest borrowing products such as bank loans and mortgages has been severely limited and typically reserved for those with exceptional credit ratings. This has meant that many potential borrowers have been left in the proverbial cold whilst seeking alternative finance products from other sources.

Unlike most forms of mainstream finance, bridging loans are available for both residential and commercial borrowers from all walks of life, and the funds can be secured against any type of real estate imaginable, ranging from domestic dwellings such as houses and apartments, through to Buy-to-Let properties, business premises and even development land. Whether a client is looking to purchase a property at auction, or a developer is looking for fast and flexible funding for a golden investment opportunity that is simply too good to miss out on, a suitable bridging loan can be arranged in a matter of days.

Another advantage of alternative financing products such as bridge loans is the relative ease with which an application can be approved and processed. As such a well established firm with exclusive access to an almost unlimited panel of individual lenders and private lending firms, the team at UK Property Finance Ltd know the market inside out and can source suitable funding for any conceivable project. Customers using their website can also work out the cost of borrowing before they even apply, thanks to a convenient online bridge loan calculator which provides an instant breakdown of the competitiveness of a loan that can be viewed at a glance.

With this in mind, if you are looking for an affordable short-term borrowing solution that can be organised in less than five days and secured against any residential dwelling or commercial property, an intelligently sourced bridging loan could well be the perfect option.