Housing Minister Barwell loses seat

Gavin Barwell, the Conservative Housing Minister, has lost his seat in Croydon Central to Labour.

After a night where the Conservatives lost 12 seats, the UK is left with a hung parliament. The Conservatives failed to gain a majority, but remain the largest party.

Barwell won the seat with a slim majority of 165 votes in 2015, but this time Labour candidate Sarah Jones received 29,873 to Barwell’s 24,221, providing her with a majority of 6,652.

He is likely to be missed by many in the construction industry, with his Housing White Paper having laid down the future agenda.

Barwell was however responsible for a controversial Conservative U-turn during the campaign, after rebutting promises to build a “new generation” of social housing in the manifesto. The pledge to build thousands of new social homes in fact related to “affordable rented homes”.