Flexible cover design provides drainage options for housebuilders and pavement contractors

Access cover and drainage product leader Clark-Drain has launched a B125 circular (CD 1649 KMB) and square to round ductile iron cover (CD 1649 KMB/SR) to locate on top of its 300mm diameter clear opening polypropylene inspection chambers.

Ideally suited to driveways, cycling areas, residential pedestrian areas and pavements the new designs combine a ductile iron cover with a polypropylene frame, to provide 12.5 tonne loading performance which is BSI Kitemark Certified to BS EN124.

With exceptional strength to weight performance and providing long-lasting value to customers, the products provide a more robust alternative to installing 35kN (3.5 tonne load rating capability) polypropylene covers and frames.

Jeremy Nesbitt, Technical Manager – Clark-Drain, explains:

“The growth in the size and weight of vehicles means that specifying and installing high-quality, durable, drainage products has never been more important. The B125 load rating classification enables heavier dynamic loads to be endured in areas used by large 4 x 4’s, vans, motorhomes and caravans, even trucks on occasion! We see more and more examples of works vans being brought home and parked on residential drives overnight, and some of these vans are long-wheelbase versions loaded with tools and materials for the next day’s work. Removal vans, supermarket home-delivery vehicles and refuse trucks also use driveways to temporarily park or turn around. Add to this the dynamic effects of braking and turning, which can increase the force exerted through their wheels to a level that is several times the vehicle’s static mass, and we’re way beyond the impact of a small family hatchback.”

The capabilities of CD 1649 KMB and CD 1649 KMB/SR include a 15˚ tilt action to enable easy levelling on sloped surfaces, screw down fixing which secures ‘cover to frame’ and ‘frame to chamber’ and a closed lifting keyhole design as part of the cover which creates a barrier to odour egress.