Expert comment: Plea to support small housebuilders

On 28 March, a plea was issued to the Government by a cross-party body, to support small housebuilders in a bid to solve the housing crisis.

Steve Mansour, CEO of building insurance specialists CRL, has commented:

“The state of the UK housing market underscores the huge need for small and medium-sized builders, who make a vital contribution by developing and selling homes quickly. This report sets out proposals that will enable these businesses to grow. A revitalised strategy for housebuilders is a step in the right direction, helping tackle issues at the forefront of the construction industry. Recent government action has started to address some of the needs of SMEs, but all efforts must go towards enabling developers to reach their full potential to help solve the housing shortage.

“We must continue to look at innovative ways to encourage UK developers, including small and medium-sized builders who fight daily to overcome bureaucracy and red tape, as they seek to build new homes across the country. It is imperative that the government heeds the findings of this report and commits to creating a dedicated policy to give small builders the finances, support and skills they need to help fix our broken housing market.”