Brimstone thermally modified British timber

The award-winning Brimstone from Vastern Timber is the first thermally modified British timber sourced exclusively from native woodlands.

Ideal for cladding, decking, external joinery and furniture, the Brimstone range includes thermally modified ash, poplar and sycamore. The thermal modification process reconfigures the wood to deliver exceptional stability, durability and aesthetic uniformity that is resistant to water and fungus – the main cause of wood decay.

Launched in 2016, Brimstone originated as a collaborative project between Vastern Timber, Grown In Britain, BRE, Timber Strategies and other commercial partners. A key driver in its development has been the positive impact such a product can have on the broadleaf woodlands of England and Wales.

Currently, over 90 per cent of hardwoods used in UK are imported. At the same time, over 60 per cent of native broadleaf woodlands are unmanaged or under managed, leading to poor quality and decaying woodlands. Brimstone provides an opportunity to help address this issue by converting underused white hardwood species into products of the future, while stimulating demand and incentivising woodland management.

Consequently, the Brimstone range represents new levels of sustainability for specifiers interested in timber products, as the raw material is grown locally and the modification process does not rely on impregnating the timber with chemicals.

Architects and designers specifying Brimstone wood can be assured that they are not only selecting a beautiful and reliable timber product, but also helping to improve the fortunes of our native woodlands.